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Monday, January 26, 2009

crumbs of a midnight snack

-Crumbs 01-

Fred was not in his right mind when he decided, finally, to come to office. He couldn't keep his eyes open without forcefully stretching each eyelid with concious effort, all he could hope right now was that it pays off. He couldn't sleep last night, he had had been having trouble with his sleep cycle but it wasn't that bothering him last night. He missed an old friend. She was beautiful and charming, all night he longed for another chance to see that disarming smile of her lost friend Helen. Thinking of Helen, he was also reminded of Stephanie who was unbelievably innocent for our times and short too.

Now who flirts with another girl on Saint Valentine's Day while holding the hand of his girlfriend? I'll tell you who: Fred. It was a day, like many other, he couldn't forget for so many reasons. Of course its significance as the Valentine's Day was there but that, that is a subject for another chapter or maybe even a separate book, was not what kept him up all night. It was how he remembered Helen, it was a time when he was inspired by the woman in Helen; but Helen was a woman - what did he mean by another woman inside her? Was it to imply that Helen carried a being within her who was somehow different from the woman Helen was? For obviously, if the woman Helen was allegedly carrying inside her just a replica of the woman Helen was then there was no reason for Fred to be inspired by something intangible.

He had an eye for the kind of lady Helen had inside, he knew the soul she had buried in her bowels, if released, would make Helen shine with immaculate feminine brilliance on the outside. He remembered the days when he couldn't stop but contemplate ways and means of setting that woman held inside Helen free - he would fall on his knees the day that woman came on the outside and embraced the woman Helen was. He knew it would be the prefect union of body and soul.

Fred wasn't no day-dreamer when it came to the affairs of the heart, so he set out on a mission to emancipate the woman, he so wanted to hold, from Helen's reserved body. At this point, describing the task as a mission amounts to being unjust with Fred, for it really wasn't a difficult task for a man of his niche'; it was more a like a playful activity aimed at bringing to fore the sensual, desirable and scintillating woman Helen held hostage deep in her bowels. Helen was keeping her soul hostage from mingling with her body, both alienated each other and Fred had met both; the body in person and the soul without body's permission and knowledge. Now Fred and Helen's soul, the woman inside her, were conspiring together to make Helen yield to the high of being one with her soul.

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