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Wednesday, January 07, 2009

i think i know

When one hardens himself on the outside to bear some grief, adjust to a change or any other likeness he forgets that he hardens on the inside too, if not, then he withers. I wonder how many beings can one conjure up within oneself but on the contrary modern science and humanities are both insistent upon proving that the 'self' is only an illusion. If mind functions without a soul, say I agree that there is no soul in the machine but how do you explain the universal experience of being outside one's physical form. As I write there is a torrent of ides flowing inside my mind, and everyone leads me to many other and there is an interval during which I'm neither writing nor thinking, and absolutely not contemplating ideas. In that interval, which I cannot recollect after I have regained my composure my mind was seperated from my physical form. During that seperation, of which I've no account, I had rid myself of every worry, every happiness, all my desires, all my hate, all my ambitions, all my fears, all my relations as well the knowledge of low download speed teasing me for past half an hour. In that one moment, a nano of a second, I had ceased to exist - either that - or I had multiplied into another self with another set of aforementioned attributes.

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