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Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Bad Parenting

It makes me believe in family planning and birth control like a religion, you know what it is? It's bad parenting. Don't ruin a dozen lives, ruin a couple! Stop breeding dysfunctional humans; they will disappoint you, they will plague the society, they will ruin even the good ones. Oh! how malleable they are: the children. They can be turned into anything like clay in expert hands of a sculptor. It's time that you learned that, it's high time now that you have bred about a dozen dysfunctional ones, parenting is not only about love. Love is an emotion full of flaw: it induces sacrifice and selflessness but can't sustain without requital, without requital it holds you in contempt. I will not talk of the privilieged ones in society, at least not until I've talked about the underpriviliged ones. Because I've to address my kind first, critique of the others can wait.
   All those who weren't priviliged to have lives carved out for them made their own lives, I appreciate there efforts. They rose from being an illterate villager to ranks in army, multinationals and even abroad. Maybe it's the element of struggle that made them so emotional, I guess struggle does make you emotional. You can fiegn all the indifference you want, you can boast that you have seen so much in your life that nothing can surprise you anymore but there is something rooted underneath it, far deeper and far more important. Only a man with great insecurities would rob life of its character of surprise, he will lie that life has ceased to surprise him.

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