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Friday, February 06, 2009

street talk

This will look somewhat different because the font is different. My room is just above the street, so I can hear all sorts of noises all day long, and in the night, and during the times in between. My neighbour, the house opposite mine, has a small shop set up inside his house. Generally a guy of about 40 is attending the shop, but when he is not around his frail old father keeps the business running. The problem with the old man is that he's really old, weak and in the grave just above his neck (higher then chin but lower then nose). I usually avoid going there when the old man dealing because he takes too much time. First, it takes a long time just to tell him what one wants even if it's just a pack of biscuits or a couple of cigarettes. Secondly, the old man then moves slowly towards the item i.e. when he finds it. The trembling old fingers drop the article at least the same number of times you had to describe your purchase.

I hear a young girl from the neighbourhood, sounds no more then 10 years of age, say in a hurried low voice,

"Baba, chota packet condom day do." (Uncle, give me a small pack of condoms)

She says it again, this time a bit louder and again and again and couple of times more. For one reason or another old man fails to understand her. She shouts, it sounds as if after moving a few feet back,

"Ammmiiiiiiii!! dukan tay Sohail paiyjan naye nay baba gee nay unhaa noo smajh naee aa rahee condom hunee chayee day nay ya baad chay lay awaaaaaaan." (Mommmm! Sohail isn't at the shop himself instead Baba Gee is there and he doesn't understand condoms. Do you really need condoms now or can I bring them later?"

Now from what I hear from the street, it seems that the mother addressed was standing in the street herself, she goes,

"Chawlay! dafa hoon! ander aaa! aiwee! Chaleee gee!" (Fool, get outta here! Come back home, of no use, senseless)

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