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Sunday, March 29, 2009

Cocoon of unscrupulous narrative

Something is terribly wrong here, I was reading technology and IT related news on this internet forum by the name Pro Pakistani and in their buy and sell section they are actually allowing ads for Chinese and Japanese girls for 5000 bucks. It is illegal, and the advertiser, the pimp, has the audacity to give his name and number. Where is law enforcement? Where is the team who is supposed to install my DSL connection? Well, lets leave that here and move on.

There was a colourful and somewhat naughty sense of celebration in her house that day. On such days, jokes and taunts that maybe considered disrespectful on another day are deemed acceptable, even enjoyable. Not only boundaries of acceptable humour are crossed but also the bar restraining physical contact between the opposite sexes is raised. Plenty of women seemed under the influence of somewhat unfamiliar anxiety they experienced at every wedding, they were so full of emotion that a crush years ago could reignite in an instant.

It was Raheela’s wedding, and even if she hadn’t been in contact with Nasir for no less than three or four years she somehow got his number and invited him at the last moment. Actually, she invited him from the marriage hall where her barat was to arrive any minute – so it was pretty last minute to the last minute. Nasir got the call while he was sitting on the kitchen counter with Neelum,

“I was trying to fix the computer chair, you know, the big black one…that’s when you called.” Nasir was telling Neelum while smoking over coke himself and handing over a Fanta to her. Neelum had called him earlier and wanted to know if she could come over to his place because she needed some help with a term paper; some deep analysis of an animated film and references made in it about colonialism then later connecting it to the role of cinema in contemporary society as a tool of imperialism. It wasn’t touch difficult, Nasir would enjoy doing such a thing without any extra reading. He could write that term paper in a jiffy and might as well enjoy it.

There was an eerie silence at Nasir’s place, there had been construction going on all day long and now that it was turning dark and the labourers had left the sudden subdued calmness felt strange. Nasir had completely forgot about Raheela's earlier call; he didn’t like to attend weddings anyways, and staying at home with Neelum over seemed like a much better prospect. He knew very well that this term paper was the last thing she had came over for, and she knew very well that if colonial studies had anything to do with why they were in Nasir’s room plugging in the computer.

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