f Notes from the Underground: 3/1/09 - 3/8/09
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Thursday, March 05, 2009

What's that?

Four am in the morning, it’s been many days since I last went to my office. I’m scared about all the bills – finances are going through the roof. Father is sick, got his face burned while lighting up the geezer. God damn it! About a fortnight or so back, I was walking on the roof thinking about one thing or the other. Just walking on the roof as I’ve done occasionally since that roof’s been there. There was a nice cold breeze, something I love about the nights in this season. It was a dark night, no moon and the stars are only read of in the books now. There are no more stars in the cities anymore. Well, anyways, my old man walks up the stairs and doesn’t like watching me this late in the night on the roof with a cigarette hanging on my lips. I ask my old man what brings him out of the warm bed at around three in the morning and to the roof, he tells me hot water isn’t running because maybe the geezer is out. I thought why in the lord zeus’s name we need hot water running at this hour, and I realise it’s not in Zeus’s name but Allah’s name we need the hot water running for ablution. I ask the man to let me do it, but my old man was grumpy about the cigarette and so he just shove’s me off telling me to go on with whatever I’m on to and he’ll take care of the geezer himself. I had no choice but to fall back.
I noticed it was taking longer than it generally took to light the damn geezer on, and pops is the god of housekeeping mechanics you know. So there must be something funny with the geezer, but it is dark I’m sure he can’t see a god damn thing. Suddenly, there is this huge flame whooshing out of the damn geezer and going off in a flash. Damn! The guy’s got his eyelashes burned and his face all red. But it was taken care of immediately and luck or god whatever he’s fine now.
I’ve mixed up all these word files, there are some unpublished ‘crumbs’ that I can’t find. Oh! That reminds me: Fatima if you are reading this, I thought my email address was shown in my profile but if it’s not then it follows: ironheart19@gmail.com. The title certainly refers to a terrific book, the damn thing blows your mind away! It’s the Bible of existentialism I say – anyways.