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Friday, March 13, 2009

a picture of me

History proves that if you put your mind to it you can materialize any vision, same is the case with creating an image of a person whom you have never seen physically. Although, the second hasn't been proven but let's just say that it falls under the category of history in the making. You read physics? Well, I'll explain how that creation of image is possible without black magic or witchcraft. There's a whole branch of physics which deals with the properties and behaviour of sub-atomic particles, you break down an atom into electrons, protons, neutrons etc.
Just like everything breaks down to an atom, similarly electrons and other sub-atomic particles break down into 'quarks'. Now hold that thought for a moment, although it's been some time since I came up with this theory but I still remember the books I was reading when I came up with that theory - maybe it was given in one of the books but that I don't remember now. I was reading at the time, about five years back, "The Quark and the Jaguar' and couple of Tim Allen books..aah? yes! "Don't stand too close to a naked man' and 'Am I really here?'
Alright, the theory kinda goes that quarks - since they are so small - tend to behave like particles and waves at the same time. So, I will be keeping it real short because I feel like watching a movie, quarks are free of any restrictions when it comes to travel; they don't need a medium to travel through like light. Every point in time, with every breath I'm exhaling quarks from my organs in multiples of millions or trillions and these can travel without any restriction of distance or physical barriers. Also, since they are just roaming out free in the air their is no chance of turning them into energy so they'll remain free as matter forever. And that forever really defines forever. It means that I share the matter of anyone i.e. from Einstein to Hitler to god forbid whores in the street of Paris.
Ever wonder why your mother senses you are in trouble even when you are in another city captured by the Talibans in the foothills of Himalayas? Quarks baby, we share the most quarks with our mothers and quarks of every matter resonate at a distinct frequency. Quarks of the metal my computer casing is made of resonate at a distinct frequency. The quarks I'm composed of resonate at a different frequency but I share maximum number of quarks of my mother resonating at another frequency thus the feeling of anxiety she feels if I'm uncomfortable - well, my relations with my parents aside; generally speaking.
So, fatima...there you are. I suppose we live in the same country if not the same city which means we share a lot of matter from each other and I'm quite share that you will succeed in creating an image of me. Anyways, I'm flattered by your interest however I prefer to leave this blog without my mugshot. So, if the butterflies in your stomach don't let you sleep at night then send me an email and then sure you can have my image in jpeg rather than quark.

Diseased Till Deceased

-Infectious Crumbs-

The doctor with a southern accent had seen Fred every now and then for over a decade now; whether it was a migraine attack or the collection of respiratory infections (Sinusitis, Bronchitis, Pharyngitis etc). While Fred was lying on the emergency ward bed he couldn't help but think that it was too early in the day to be in a hospital as a patient but the pain just wouldn't go away. It had been a week now and he was feeling this unjustified pain in the back of his head. He told the doctor with the southern accent that it only hurts when you press it or if you turn the neck to any side. It was the pain the kind one feels if one were hit by something hard and was recovering from it - and that is why Fred thought it was unjustified the pain had just come out of nowhere a week back when he got up after a long time in bed.
The psychologist had told him that he was not sick, it was a 'brain thing' as he said. His brain had convinced itself that blood production was unnecessary, there was no physical ailment to cure all Fred needed was to knock some sense into his brain and convince it otherwise. He had never been healthy physically so to speak but managed as it was, but after a week of no new blood he had acquired a white angelic aura around himself and a dream like texture in his skin.
He was struggling to eat, since metabolism was rendered unnecessary by his brain there was never any hunger. Fred practically wished to feel the longing for a heavy meal but it was not there. Three weeks had passed now and he could now feel the blood travel through his veins, like water rushes in a web of vessels to keep its level. Three weeks and Fred hadn't had a single idea about how to convince his brain of the right thing. The doctor, not the one with the southern accent but a psychologist, told him that it was not something he could cure, in fact there was nothing to be cured; he explained it to Fred as his brain's need to establish his authority - whatever knocked that idea into Fred's brain.
"You will not survive without blood, every tissue of all organ including yourself by the way will die." Fred stood in front of the mirror talking to what seemed to him now his own ghost. The dreamy texture of his skin now seemed nightmarish and angels would mind if his ghastly white aura was described as their attribute.