f Notes from the Underground: Infighting in All Hundred and Forty-Seven Armies
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Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Infighting in All Hundred and Forty-Seven Armies

Once on the last day of some century during those millennia of war, there broke infighting among Lieutenant's men. It was not serious enough to think that there was any danger of division among his men but he still took precautions to ensure unity and brotherhood, at least in the battlefield. He believed that his men  were capable of selfless feats when presented with a choice to sacrifice themselves and save a fellow soldier; there infighting was more a result of their anxiety over the plague of war. Lieutenant understood them. Combined all armies fighting the millennia of war did not have more than a handful of soldiers like the lieutenant himself, in fact only the commandants on the one hundred and forty-seven sides shared his clay.

Lieutenant was gossiping with his best soldiers, in fact he was entertaining his men with concocted stories about highly imaginative virgins who had surrendered themselves to Lieutenant – always somewhere equally fantastic and majestic. His men knew but were so wholly dependent on these sessions with their superior for lightness of heart that they never questioned or corrected him. Lieutenant was creating something picturesque with a quiet waterfall surrounded by dense forests of Niguana – no one reminded him that Niguana was a small patch of sub-tropical desert.

‘Every lip tastes different.” Lieutenant said as he licked his own lips with the tip of his coarse tongue.

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