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Saturday, March 20, 2010

of magical islands

Caribbean - The red flag with a diagonal strip is some nation's flag. I very vividly remember having a prized acquaintance who is representing our caste and nation's pride in those tropical islands; that's what he is doing there I guess :| I doubt if the diagonally striped red-flag is his visit to this site. Google Analytics could prlly give me terrain view of the place, most definitely could tell me everything about the OS and browser used, it could even tell me the screen resolution for crying out loud but there isn't a damn thing in this world which could tell me that it was him.
LoL - I'm sad :( - - - :(

Philippines - Triangle cutting in two bands of color, that's there flag. I can understand which group of my friends/acquaintances are hailing from that storm-ridden Island. I sincerely wish good health and happiness for mi mates from Philippines - I do or I would NOT have written it; rishta nahi laina mein nay tumse :)

Note: The descriptions of flags is just that: a generic description. I do not intend to belittle any nation's flag on the contrary I have great respect for all nations' flags.

- Later