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Tuesday, April 19, 2011

about near-lyfe experience.

This maybe what I've on record as any will of sorts, now obviously a will is a privat document but somethin' just happened which prompts da need 4 some sort of a testament to mi last few thoughts, if u will... I'm obviously not thinking stright right now...so, if I may...I'll not name neone cuz it'll leave me wid quite a few pridcaments...I'm not makeing sense...FUCK!
All I wannna say is love ya mi family... ya half a dozen brathaz wid respective wives, nd wives-2-be... mi love 4 behna is well documented buh not haven't been illustrated enuf in recent past...tonz ov love dere goes...
friends 4rm as far bak as cricket in garage to as recent as Islamabad...BNU, College- yeah! doez bring a smile .... it does...late nights at faisal town... gettin wasted at mi place... watever... u all know ...
I don't really think dat I owe neone ne apologies wen it comes 2 matters of proverbial heart; I sincerely believe dat I've been fair in mi dealingz and if u do think dat I've ronged u den it's a misunderstanding stemming 4rm insecurities native to matters ov proverbial heart! muah! take care...stop mourning me. Move on! Yeah! All ove ya... I think derez only one such case were I can say dat u've moved on... all of ya r stuck on me...come on now... u've lives...make most of it!
Much thanks 2 every single soul who made an an impact in ma life...however bad u think ... however,,,, unfair,,,nd disloyal u think ....u were... watever..gud or bad...u made mi lyfe worth living...
- LMIO (Laffing mi insidez out)

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