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Monday, August 07, 2017

Working Title: Anti-Depressant

Granted. If I am writing, and that too here, I must be in deep shit. 

'European,' she said, and that's all I heard of her till much later in the night. Hours of mingling and abortive make-out sessions mature now, she dragged Maria by the wrist and initiated a conversation that felt concluded already.

'I get very confused,' addressing Maria and me jointly she leaned in kissing both my cheeks. 'I'm very bad at this, one kiss, two or ... you know, this is Islamabad, I shouldn't be kissing any number of times?'

'One if we follow the American tradition, two is we follow European tradition, Arabs differ from Emirates to Lebanon to Saudia - one, two and three or more for Saudia respectively.' While the conversation seemed doomed from the start, I had likely sped up its wrap. 

'What about Pakistan? Hi! I'm Amber and I work with Maria.' Her flag-pin suggested she was likely from the Diplomatic Corps but despite my perceived omniscience; I didn't know the flag at a glance and staring at it, in this dimly-lit room, would've scored no higher. 
Anticipating my curiosity, she ventured, 'I'm Finnish, by the way.'

'Glad to meet you, any friend of Maria's is a friend of ours. I couldn't tell you about kissing-the-cheek etiquette in Pakistan. My best advice: As a woman, use your best judgement and intuition.'

'I like your friend!' The sparkle emanating out of the corner of her eye was freckled by years of confusion over greeting mannerism.

----Therapy Session 01/Dated: 07/08/2017; 1434 hrs---
See you back within 24 hours max.

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